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This site was very different at its beginnings back in June 2005, here’s the story.

“When I was about 9, my brothers friend Richard Saunders showed me a game called Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. This game grew on me and I became a big Sonic fan. He then showed me a website called TBBZ, one of the links was to a site which made fan Flash, but they were all on a site called NewGrounds. Which was, at the time, a site where you reviewed Flash you can't even see. That was until I noticed the "Watch Movie/Play Game" button.

Soon I became so drawn to NewGrounds, I wanted to make my own Flash. So I decided to search for a program that let me do so. I found a program called Flash Creator, what I wanted to do was make a loop of NES characters fighting each other, but due to limitations I had to settle with Pac-Man eating a dot. You can see it under "Animations".

In 2004, Jordan Collins, another friend of my brothers, showed me a site called
MatMice, which let me make websites. Of course, they were only one-paged, basic sites. The first website I ever made would be shown here, but it has been lost over time.

The very same year, Connar Rumney(an old friend of my brothers) showed me a site called FreeWebs, which let me make even better sites. Once again, I would show you my first FreeWebs site, but again it was lost over time. I made several sites, all of which I got bored of and just left to rot.

When I visited a site I found, I noticed that the forums were made on a site called
ProBoards, which I then used for a forum on one of my sites. The site also use a shout box made on a site called SayBox, which I also used.

Still in 2004, my brother moved up to Ranelagh in September(I go there now as well). He came back on his second day to tell me about a program called Animation Shop, which lets you make animated .gif's. When visiting my gran one time, she got a new computer, and it had Animation Shop as well. The first animated .gif I made was about two people splatting each other, you can find it in my Animation collection. I then found out that I had Animation Shop on my home computer as well, that it came free with an image editor called Paint Shop Pro, which meant I could make more animations more often. By June 2005, I'd made enough animations for a website.

So on Wednesday the 26th June 2005, this very site was founded. Back then, it was known as "My World", which changed to Planet N because I thought that name was dumb. I first made the shout box in August, but removed it in a matter of weeks because most of the few visitors I got abused it. When FreeWebs introduced their Blog system, I started using that for posting updates, meaning that I lost all the old updates.

One day I found something called
Great Leon, which was the first YTMND I ever saw. I didn't discover YTMND until the YTMND bar appeared in the top left. I then decided to make YTMND in my list of fav' sites and made a YTMND myself.

As I submitted this site to topsites in the early days, I joined one called “InvisionFree top 100 list”. I joined it, but when I submitted it to a category it was all just forums. I then did a search for this InvisionFree and found
this. I then eventually decided to get hosted by them and grew fond of the script that they used(namley, InvisionPowerBoard).

I then decided I couldn’t stick with Freewebs forever, I needed to get a better site. I also had to find good webspace. My mum then offered me some webspace on her site. I said yes. With that decision, I also wanted a new forums. I searched the internet for someone who would give me a hosted IPB. I found someone who would give me an IPB board, but it wouldn’t work on my computer.

I asked Alex if I could visit my forums on his computer, he said I could if he got a share of the site. So I let him get his share.

I guess that just about covers it.”



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