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As well as animating stuff, we like to do some single frame images as well. These are usually much easier as they require less experience based stuff that you probably won’t understand.

Kirby WHO (DalekClock)
Doctor WHO: Last Cyberman illustration (DalekClock)
Starwing (DalekClock)
“Get out outta’ dis nice body!” (DalekClock)
Pie! (DalekClock)
Bank Holiday (DalekClock)
Pac-Man VGDC (DalekClock)
Starwing 2 (DalekClock)
Evil Bunny (DalekClock)
Pactochat (DalekClock)
Super Mario Bros. (DalekClock)
Orbit Ball (DalekClock)
Triforce (DalekClock)
WANTED: Santa (DalekClock)



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