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The chances are that around 86 or something percent of the stuff on here is animated. Thatís most of the stuff. Did you know that in the old days, the only stuff we had was animation, and look at what a change there has been since then.

Splat (DalekClock)
Doc WHO (~*Mudkip Fantastic*~)
Ep.1 - Ep.2 - Ep.3.1 - Ep.4.72
Pac-Man: The wrong pill (DalekClock)
Guy gets shot (DalekClock)
Starfox: Andross battle (DalekClock)
Brownian motion explained (DalekClock)
Doctor WHO: Next to the Daleks (DalekClock)
Part 1 - Part 2
Hello! (DalekClock)
Lift off! (DalekClock)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Fleas (DalekClock)
Mini! (DalekClock)
3, 2, 1, Action! (DalekClock)
Nuclear dots (DalekClock)
Pong (DalekClock)
Starfox: Arwing flight (DalekClock)
Fireworks (DalekClock)
Gravity (DalekClock)
A Lock Dies (DalekClock)
Hannibal: Boulder (DalekClock)
All your what? (DalekClock)
Robot (DalekClock)
Jump (DalekClock)
Doctor WHO intro 1 (DalekClock)
A Dalek (DalekClock)
Supernova (DalekClock)
Doctor WHO intro 2 (DalekClock)
Another Guy gets shot (DalekClock)
Regeneration (DalekClock)



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